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Salesforce Offline Briefcase Error: Entity is not currently part of your offline datastore

Knowledge Article Number 000176552
Description While adding data via manual or briefcase to Salesforce Offline, if we  get error message: Entity is not currently part of your offline datastore. 
Select create able, custom, delete able, key prefix, name, nameEx, query able, update able, userID, from Entity where userid=” XXXX000000XXXXXXXX”
Resolution Resolution Steps:

1) Check if person account is enabled in the Org.
     Process to check if person account is enabled : Setup || Customize || Accounts || Person Account.

2) Add contact object in the list of available objects in our offline briefcase configuration.
    Process to add contacts object in the available list of object:
     i) Setup || Administration setup || Desktop Administration || Offline Briefcase Configuration.
     ii) Click on Continue Button.
     iii) Select the existing Configuration in which you need to add Contacts Object.
     iv) In Data Sets Section click on Edit
     v) Click on Add.
     vi) Select Contact from the picklist value. 
     vi) Click on Done

Now the Contact object is added in the offline briefcase configuration.

The above mentioned error occurs usually when the org has Person Accounts enabled and the Offline Configuration does not include the Contacts object. As person accounts are part of contacts and part of accounts, both objects must be included in order for the application to function. 

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