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Radian6 - Engagement Console - Best Practices for Contacting Customer Support

Knowledge Article Number 000176933
Description Below are some items that you should include when submitting a case to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support Team. This will ensure that they have all the information they require in order to answer your questions effectively. If excluded, Support will reach out to ask for this information. Including it in your initial email can save time and help them resolve your issue faster.
Resolution You can reach the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support Team by Email:, Twitter: @mcloudsupport, or if it is a critical issue, contact our Toll Free number:  North America: 1.888.672.3426   United Kingdom: 080.8234.6730   Australia: 1.800.894866

Please include the following when submitting Engagement Console cases to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support:
  • Username and Account name.
  • Screenshot(s) of error message or front and back of the stack(s). 
  • Description of what is happening or as detailed of an inquiry as possible.
  • The name of the topic profile you are working with.
  • Your Debug Details. This can be found under the Help Tab and select  "About Engagement Console."
Radian6 Engagement Console Debug Details

Other information needed is including by issues listed below:

Installation Issues
  • As mentioned above, a screenshot of error message attached.
  • Does your IT department allow you to install software?
  • Are you installing as the windows administrator? i.e. Do you have administrative rights to install software and programs on your computer?
  • Do you have the latest version of Adobe Air Installed? You can check on the Adobe Air site as it will let you know.

General Errors, Inquiries and Issues

General errors can include but is not limited to:  unable to post, unable to use workflow, spinning stacks, missing stacks, etc.
  • Date/Time/Time-zone the issue occurred. This is very important as looking through such a long debug file can be hard to pinpoint the error at the time you experienced it. 
  • Debug Log from above time attached. See How to Find a Debug File.
  • Complete description of steps taken within the Engagement Console.
  • Complete description of what is happening
  • Are you part of a workspace or special permission set? If so, what are the names of the workspace and/or permissions?
  • Troubleshooting steps taken so far.
  • Are you the only user experiencing this error or are other users experiencing this?

Missing Content and/or posts
  • Link to the post(s) in Twitter.
  • Screen shot (if applicable) of where the one missing post should be. For example, if you have back and forth contact with a customer and it is visible in the Twitter timeline but not appearing in the stack.
  • Screenshot of the back of the stack showing configuration.
  • Date/Time/Time-zone the issue occurred. This is very important as debug files include a lot of information and it can be hard to pinpoint the error at the time you experienced it. 
  • Debug Log from above mentioned time attached. See How to Find a Debug File.

How to find a Debug Log

A debug file can be found in the following steps or for more detailed information, see How to Find a Debug File.

1. Open your Engagement Console. 
2. Click File in the Menu Bar. (Radian6 Engagement Console on Macs)
3. Select Preferences.
4. Scroll down to the Debug Logs section. 
5. Select the newest Debug file. Each file displays dates and times. The newest one will capture the recent error you have experienced.
6. Once the file is opened, right click and choose Save As.
Please do not change the name of this file as it compromises the formatting.
7. Attach the document to your email to Customer Support.


If you do not have access to Preferences, your permissions are set up to block them. Customer Support can assist with this.

Furthermore, if your error is related to being unable to load the Engagement Console, there is another way to locate the debug file and it can be found here.

Once you have gathered the above information, please forward to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support Team.

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