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Radian6 - Engagement Console - How to Post

Knowledge Article Number 000176982
Description Posts to Twitter and Facebook as well as Direct Messages are sent within the Radian6 Engagement Console in the Posting Palette and within the Stack itself.
Resolution The two options, via the Posting Palette on the left hand side of the Engagement Console or sending a post directly from a stack are outlined in detail below. 


Sending in a Stack

Depending on which Stack you choose to reply from, the post will send to Facebook or Twitter. If you are using a Topic Stack it will be sent to the appropriate source when you click the original post to reply.
To send a new post or Direct Message
Note that if you are trying to reply to a Blog or Forum, it will lead you directly to the source to log in and will not populate the Reply Box. You can only post to Twitter and Facebook using the Radian6 Engagement Console.
Radian6 Engagement Console New Post in Stack

To send a post within the stack, simply click the user's picture and it will highlight the post. Then as you hover over the post, you will see the dark buttons on the right hand side of the post appear. To send a twitter post, reply or Direct Message, follow these steps:

1. Click the "@" button within the post (second to the left) or choose the arrow on the end for more options. This will populate the New Public Reply Box. 

2. Depending on which type of post you are trying to send, make sure you have the correct reply tab open. You can click any one of the buttons that appear when you hover over the post to open up the reply box. You can change the type of reply at the bottom of the box using the tabs. Or, you can select the correct button to populate the type of reply you would like:
  • @ symbol appears on the bottom of this tab if you want to send a reply to a post as this will auto-populate the Twitter handle you are replying to.
  • Envelope at the bottom if you want to send a Direct Message
  • Use the Twitter symbol at the bottom if you want to send a new post 
  • Select the Arrow to re-post the original.Choose the account you would like to send the post from.

3. Using the post options (the cog on the right), you can choose to select Enable URL Shortening if you'd like your links to be shortened automatically in your posts. You can also register your Bitly account here to use Bitly to track links.

4. Type your post in the posting window

5. Click the Tweet button at the bottom.

Your post has been sent!  


Posting Palette

The Posting Palette allows:
  • Users to send new posts and Direct Messages or reply to posts and Direct Messages in a more functional area.
  • Post from single or multiple social properties.
  • Visibility options for Facebook Pages (location and language targeting).
  • More post options using URL shortening
  • Launch the Posting Palette from an in-line post reply.

It is collapsed by default when logging into the Engagement Console, however it can be found on the left hand side between Workflow and the Stacks:

Collapsed Posting Palette


Expanding the Posting Palette

1. Click the arrow at the top of the collapsed Posting Palette.

2. Press the New Post button at the bottom of the Stack.

Launch the Posting Palette with the button highlighted below that becomes available when replying to a post.



Radian6 Engagement Console Posting Palette Button

The Palette, as seen below, includes more options for accounts to send the post from, type of post, visibility of post and ability to store words, signatures, phrases, comments, answers etc in the clipboard for easy access. 

To send a new post or Direct Message

From:  Choose the Social Account you would like to post from. You can choose more than one Social Account if you would like the post to go out across multiple channels. Note it is possible to select the default Social Account that will appear here if you are a Super User in your Social Account settings. 

Type:  Type of Post depends on whether  this is a new post or a Direct Message. This will auto-populate to Direct Message (DM) or New Post depending on where you are posting. For example, if you are using a DM Stack and you click to reply to a DM and launch the Posting Palette, the default Type of Post will appear as DM. 

To:  If sending a DM, the "To:" section will appear to choose who you are sending the Direct Message to.

Visibility:  If you are posting from a Facebook Stack and onto a Facebook Page you can choose the visibility that you want for your post.

Post Options:  You can choose to select Enable URL Shortening if you'd like your links to be shortened automatically in your Posts. You can also register your Bitly account here to use Bitly to track links.

 Post:  Type the post you would like to send.

Clipboard:  Click an item stored in your clipboard to add to your link. For example, if you send signatures in each of your posts -HP, you can keep that in your clipboard and add this to your post in one click. If you want to add new items to the clipboard, you can just click the New button.

Once complete and ready to go, hit Send.
Radian6 Engagement Console Posting Palette


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