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How to create a Recurring Event or Task with Data Loader

Knowledge Article Number 000181506
Description How to create a Recurrence Activity with Data loader.

Some things to know before creating a Recurrence Activity with Data loader.

  • Recurring Tasks and Events are available in API version 16.0 and later.
  • After a task or Event is created, it can’t be changed from recurring to nonrecurring or vice versa.

Step 1) Create an excel spreadsheet.
Step 2) Add headers for the fields that need to have. Example: include all required fields or the task or event.
Step 3) Add the following fields in your excel sheet:

  1. ISRECURRENCE is a check box field that lets data loader know this is Recurrence Activity. Example: True/False
  2. RECURRENCESTARTDATEONLY is a date field and is when you want to start the Recurrence. Example: mm/dd/yyyy
  3. RECURRENCEENDDATEONLY is a date field and is when you want to end the Recurrence.  Example: mm/dd/yyyy
  4. RECURRENCETIMEZONESIDKEY is what time zone the user is in. An example of this is "America/New_York".
  5. RECURRENCETYPE is what type of Recurrence we are doing. Some examples are (RecursEveryWeekday, RecursWeekly, RecursMonthly, RecursYearly, and RecursDaily.
  6. RECURRENCEINTERVAL is how often the Recurrence happens. This is a number field and would show how many times the activity will repeat. Example: 1 would mean the activity would repeat once.
  7. RECURRENCEDAYOFWEEKMASK - The day or days of the week on which the task repeats. This field contains a bitmask. For each day of the week, the values are as follows 
    • Sunday = 1
    • Monday = 2
    • Tuesday = 4
    • Wednesday = 8
    • Thursday = 16
    • Friday = 32
    • Saturday = 64
  8. RECURRENCEDAYOFMONTH - The day of the month on which the task repeats: 1 would be for the 1st day of the month. 
  9. RECURRENCEINSTANCE - The interval between recurring tasks. Example if you want the recurrence to start on the 1st day of every month you would enter "First". This is used if you are creating the recurrence activity yearly
  10. RECURRENCEMONTHOFYEAR - The month of the year on which the task repeats. Example: June, July

Step 4) Save your file as .CSV. (The attached file for an example of the .CSV)
Step 5) Open data loader (Login) and select Insert.
Step 6) Select desired Salesforce Object (Task or Events).
Step 7) Choose CSV file (Select the file which you have saved) > Next
Step 8) Map your activity columns to Salesforce fields (manually) or click on "Auto Match Fields to Columns". Click on "OK" > Next.
Step 9) Select the directory where the success and error files should be saved, then click "Finish".

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