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Formatting of Standard Phone Field Data type

Knowledge Article Number 000181563
Description User wants to know about the formatting of Phone Field Data type.
Resolution When you enter phone numbers in various phone fields, Salesforce preserves whatever phone number format you enter. If your User Locale is set to English (United States) or English (Canada). Salesforce does following things by the JavaScript. 
1. If telephone number contains 9 digits -
It will be Saved as it is in Salesforce - Ex: 949243871 
2. If telephone number contains 10 digit -
If the phone number starts with 1 it will be saved as is without any formatting.
If starts with any other digit other than 1, it will be Saved as : (***) ***-**** 

3. If telephone number contains 11 digits there are 2 cases 
·          If 11 digit number starts with 1 it will automatically convert in the 10 digit format by removing the 1 in the number 
            Ex: If the number is like this => 12365478963 
                  It will be saved as in Salesforce => (236) 547-8963 
Note: It removes the 1 and formats the other numbers as like 10 Digit Number. 
·          If 11 digits but not starting with the 1 then it will stored as it is in the Salesforce. 
              Ex: If the number is like this => 23654789631
                  It will be saved as in Salesforce => 23654789631 

If you do not want this formatting for a ten- or eleven-digit number, enter a “+” before the number, for example, +49 1234 56 78-0.
Note: A phone field can accept a maximum of 40 digits to be entered in the field. Also note that this can only be done via User Interface and NOT via the API.

For more details please see - Guidelines for Entering Currency, Dates, Times, and Phone Numbers


This does not apply to Phone numbers of records created from ,example Web-to-Lead.

This is described in this link from IdeaExchange:

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