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How to create/view HAR files

Knowledge Article Number 000187144
Description You are having a performance issue loading certain pages within Salesforce or are experiencing connection issues.  To get info on where time is being spent, you can use developer tools to capture HAR files.

 - Chrome Menu (Top Right corner) -> Tools -> Developer Tools.
 - To remove the Log docking in the browser, click on the Square Bottom most Left side.
 - In the Tab select "Network"
 - Start opening pages. The log should clear every page open. If you need to preserve the logs, there's a "preserve log" checkbox below the tabs. 
 - If you see the time lag, you go to the Dev tool -> right click -> select "Save As HAR with content". (make sure .har is added at the end)

 - Press Ctrl+Shift + Q
 - Reproduce the issue.
 - Right click anywhere in the resulting waterfall and click "Save as HAR".
 - When saving, be sure you add the file extension ".har" to it.

Internet Explorer:
 - Press F12 on the keyboard.
 - You should see a component appear on the bottom of the screen.
 - Go to the network tab in this component and press the green triangle (Play button)
 - Reproduce the issue.
 - To save, press the red square (stop button) and directly to the right you will see disk with an arrow on it.
 - Click this icon and save it.
 - IE only offers to export as an XML or CSV file. Either format is fine. CSV can be viewed via Excel and XML can be viewed by any tool that can read HTTP Archive files, such as the Chrome extension, "HTTP Archive Viewer". 

To View the HAR file log:
 - Go to this link:
 - Uncheck: "Validate data before processing?"
 - Drag the HAR file inside "Preview" box.

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