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Why can't I edit the Quantity or Sales Price of an Opportunity Product?

Knowledge Article Number 000187507
Description I cannot edit the Quantity or Sales Price on an Opportunity Product. There are no validation rules and I have already checked the page layout and field-level security.
Resolution If an Opportunity Product has a schedule, the Quantity and Sales Price standard fields behave as roll-up summary fields and cannot be edited.  Additionally, these fields cannot be updated via the API.

To adjust the values in the Quantity or Sales Price fields, we can either delete or modify the product's schedule.  To edit the schedule, open the opportunity product detail page and use the "Edit", "Delete", or "Re-Establish" buttons located in the Schedule section within the bottom-half of the page.

If you do not see the "Schedule" Related List on the Opportunity Product Page, be sure that Scheduling is enabled for the org, the Product, and that the Related List is on the Page Layout. 

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