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Salesforce1 - Forgotten Passcode

Knowledge Article Number 000187889
Description How can I reset my passcode (PIN) for Salesforce1 application?
Resolution *At present there is no way to log out of Salesforce1 if you forget your passcode, this will be planned for a future release*

- Users can force a logout of Salesforce1 from the browser by going to <Your Name> in the top right of the browser > My Settings > Personal > Connections and clicking "Revoke" beside the Salesforce1 login entry (please note you may have more than one entry for Salesforce1 and should revoke them all.

If you have the older UI your click path will be <Your Name> | Setup | Personal Setup | My Personal Information | Personal Information, scroll down to "OAuth Connected Apps" and Revoke any Salesforce1 connections.

- Administrators can view all user Remote Tokens for Salesforce1 via the Connected Apps OAuth Usage page in the setup menu and clicking into the Salesforce1 Users, from here you can find the username and revoke the remote access token also.

- Entering the Passcode(PIN) incorrectly 10 times will also log you out.


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