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Can Apex Event trigger handle batch operations on recurring event ?

Knowledge Article Number 000187987
When we are trying to make an update for large number of events (6000 events for an example), with Data loader, we may get this error : 

"Apex Event trigger cannot handle batch operations on recurring events"
The event trigger cannot handle the batch operation on recurring events. 
Make sure that this trigger doesn't receive a batch containing more than 1 recurring type of events. 
This handling needs to be done outside the trigger.
Make batch size of data loader as 1. Then load the records.
If there are large number of records and its taking much time then the recurring records 
can be separately loaded with batch size as 1 and the normal event records can be inserted with greater batch size.
"A trigger invoked by an insert, delete or update of a recurring event or recurring task results in a 
run-time error when the trigger is called in bulk from the API".

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