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How can I maintain the author of a discussion when migrating to Salesforce Communities?

Knowledge Article Number 000188047
Description When migrating from a previous Portal discussion tool to Salesforce Communities, it may be desirable to maintain ownership of individual discussions. 
Resolution When migrating to Salesforce Communities, it is possible to use the DataLoader to migrate data for existing discussions (FeedItems) and maintain the original authors by assigning a value to the CreatedById field for that FeedItems record that is equal to the Salesforce Id of the user that created the discussion, so long as the following conditions are met:
  1. The user logged in via Data Loader must have the Insert System Field Values for Chatter Feeds permission.
  2. The author's user account must be set to Active.
  3. The author's user account must not be a portal user.
If the user account in the CreatedById field is not active or the user has a Portal User license, then the following error will display when importing the affected record:
"Users specified in CreatedById must be active, non-portal users in this organization." 

Because of these limitations, there currently is not a way to use the Data Loader to maintain authorship of discussions created by portal user accounts. 
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