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Error found in custom U1XML of Salesforce for Outlook side panel

Knowledge Article Number 000188384
Description ISSUE

You may receive an error when trying to Reply to an email or Forward an email from your Outlook. You are still able to send the email and use Salesforce for Outlook side panel though and this error does not interfere with the functionality of the side panel


Custom UI Runtime Error in Salesforce for Outlook Side Panel

Error found in Custom UI XML of "Salesforce for Outlook Side Panel"

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This is one of the Microsoft Office features that allows programmers to configure Microsoft Office applications to display messages for errors that relate to the UI.

They can use these messages to help determine why a custom Ribbon does not appear, or why a Ribbon appears but no controls appear and so on.

As an end user you do not need to have this box checked. Simply open Outlook and click on File | Options and then click on Advanced and on the right hand side scroll down and under Developers you will see a check box - Show Add-in user interface errors

Simply uncheck that box and restart Outlook

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