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Customizing the Create Case publisher in the Salesforce for Outlook side panel?

Knowledge Article Number 000192820
Spring '14 adds Create Case functionality to the Side Panel in Outlook.
a) To use this feature please have Internet Explorer 9 or above installed on the local machine.
b) Ensure Chatter Publisher Actions are enabled for the organization

To do this navigate to: Setup | Customize | Chatter | Settings, click Edit, mark the Enable Publisher Actions checkbox, and click Save
Resolution To let users create cases in the Side Panel, create an Action as follows:
1. Login to your Salesforce org and click Setup | Create | Global Actions | Global Actions
2. Click "New Action"
3. Select the Action Type field value to "Create a Record"
4. Select the Target Object field value to "Case"
5. If the Case object has Record Types, a Record Type field will show up: select a record type other than Master.
6. Indicate a label for the action, such as "Create a case"
7. Click "Save"
8. In the layout editor, drag and drop fields that you want to show or hide on the action
9. Save the layout.
When you start Outlook and Salesforce for Outlook, the Actions Publisher (+ icon) will show next to the Search icon in the Side Panel, and all actions about create cases will be listed behind the icon.

NOTE: The Actions Publisher icon shows up regardless of the value of the Create Case checkbox in the Outlook Configurations, as soon as a "Create a Record" Action on the Case object has been defined in the Salesforce org.

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