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CTI Toolkit End of Support FAQs

Knowledge Article Number 000193758

1. When will the End of Support for the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Toolkit take effect?

The End of Support for the CTI Toolkit took place with the Spring ‘15 release, in February 2015.  
2. What exactly will happen after the End of Support date passes?
With the Spring ’15 release*, we have ended support of the CTI Toolkit. This means support for technical or product issues is no longer be provided by Salesforce, and there will be no active development on the product. While your telephony partner may continue supporting the CTI Toolkit, support for technical or product issues is no longer provided by Salesforce.
3. Why is Salesforce making this change?
We are ending support for the CTI Toolkit, to focus on our development efforts on our Open CTI solution. Unlike the CTI Toolkit - a desktop application - Open CTI is a cloud-based solution that allows partners to create robust, customizable, web-based telephony integrations. While we realize that this may cause some disruption for those using CTI Toolkit, we are excited to share Open CTI with our customers.
4. What action must I take?
If you are currently using the CTI Toolkit, you will need to contact your telephony partners to begin migrating to the Open CTI. If your partner has already migrated your account to Open CTI, you will not need to take action.
5. What do you recommend?
If you are currently using the CTI Toolkit, we encourage you to migrate to our Open CTI alternative.
Alternately, you can visit the AppExchange to identify other CTI partner solutions supporting Open CTI.
6. Where can I find additional information?
To answer any questions you may have about this change, please contact your telephony partners. For additional resources to make the transition to Open CTI as smooth as possible, check out the following:  

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