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Considerations Before Making Org Wide Sharing Changes

Knowledge Article Number 000193818
Description The purpose of this article is to discuss best practices when making organization-wide sharing changes.  These changes require a recalculation of all record access levels in your organization and can cause adverse effects such as:
  • Contention Lock errors ("The record you are trying to edit is temporarily unavailable").
  • Group Membership Lock errors ("Group Membership Locked").
  • Negative Performance Impacts on your organization.
Resolution When making an org-wide sharing change, it's always best to plan and prepare prior to making these changes.  The specific changes to do this for are:
  • Org-Wide Default change (i.e. Changing default access levels from Private to Public Read/Write).
  • Large-scale Role Hierarchy modifications.
  • Creation of multiple sharing rules.
  • Large-scale Public Groups maintenance (adding/removing members, deleting groups, etc).
For all customers, we recommend that the following are done:
  • Test the change in a full data Sandbox to ensure the change behaves as expected.
  • Plan a maintenance window during off-peak hours (w/ low user activity), such as at night, a weekend, or holiday.  
For our enterprise customers with very-large organizations, we recommend the following (in addition to the above):
  • Plan maintenance windows during a weekend, holiday, or period of extended low user activity.  
  • Log a Case with Support to evaluate the changes that are planned to understand overall impact to your org and instance.  This may involve seeking an escalation to the Tier3 team.
  • Review the following white papers for information on sharing related features and design concepts that can assist in streamlining your maintenance activities:
  1. Designing Record Access for Enterprise Scale
  2. Record-Level Access: Under the Hood

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