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What are the various record sizes?

Knowledge Article Number 000193871
Most records are 2KB, see the list below for exceptions..
Document storage is separate from data storage and counts at the actual size of the uploaded document.
For up to date figures on your company's use of storage please refer to:
Setup | Data Management | Storage Usage
Leads -- 2KB
Contacts -- 2KB
Accounts -- 2KB
Person Accounts - 4KB
Opportunities -- 2KB
Forecasts -- 2KB
Events -- 2KB
Tasks -- 2KB
Cases -- 2KB
Case Team Member – 2KB
Solutions -- 2KB
Notes -- 2KB
Custom Reports -- 2KB
Campaigns - 8KB
Campaign Members – 1KB
Contracts – 2KB
Google Docs – 2KB
Quotes – 2KB
Tags: unique tags – 2KB
Custom Objects – 2KB
Quote Template Rich Text Data - 2KB
Articles - 4KB
Email Message - This is dependent upon the content of the messages, a 100kb email message takes 100kb of data storage space.  Text only emails will take less than HTML due to only being the body text and not the html code and text version as well.
Person Accounts consume a record in both the Account and Contact objects. Each record allocates 2KB, so each Person Account record will require 4KB of storage space.

As an example, 500,000 person accounts will require around 2GB of storage.
Storage needed = (500000 X 4KB)/1024 = 1953.125 MB which when further divided by 1024 = 1.9073 GB which is around 2GB.
Images from Rich Text Fields are stored in file storage area.

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