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Stale Session Exception Error

Knowledge Article Number 000193911
Description User gets stale session exception error while pulling up contacts, leads, dashboard records.
Resolution This error generally comes up if Companies Firewall is blocking specific items related to "Social Media" and as a result impacts some of the records such as "leads", "Contacts", "Dashboards" on a frequent basis.

Also, Stale Session Exception Error" may also occur because of visual force component added to the page layout of an object. Sometime installing a third party app like "Silverpop" adds a visual force component (silverpop__SP_EngageMashupContact)) because of which user whenever tries to view contact, they get the same error message. So before referring the issue to the internal IT team,you must check if such visual force component is not causing this issue.

NOTE: Simply Removing the visual force component from the page layout of the effected object resolves the issue in this case.

This has to be escalated to internal IT team who can fix the issue by making changes on proxy server.

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