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Push Notifications in Salesforce1

Knowledge Article Number 000194290
Description How to setup Push Notifications in Salesforce1


When push notifications are enabled for your organization, Salesforce1 downloadable app users can decide for themselves which push notification types they want to receive.

Users access the push notifications settings from the Salesforce1 navigation menu. At the bottom of the menu, tap Settings > Push Notifications Settings. To toggle the setting for a push notification type, tap the switch. A blue background on the switch indicates that you have turned on the notification type. 

The user-configurable push notification types are:

  • Someone requests Approval
  • Comments on your posts
  • Posts to your profile
  • Assigns you a task
  • Report Thresholds are matched
  • Posts to a Group

Additionally, Approval Push notifications are also controlled by a setting which is present in the User's profile "Receive Approval Request Emails"

To make the "Assigns you a task" notification available to your users, enable the "Enable user control over task assignment notifications" permission by going to Setup >| Customize > Activities > Activity Settings > "Enable User Control over Task Assignment Notifications"

To make Group notifications available to your users, Salesforce1 in-app and push notifications must be turned on. From Setup in the full Salesforce site, click Salesforce1 Setup | Notification Options.

Users enable group notifications for themselves from the full Salesforce site by selecting the email every post option on each desired group’s page. This option now turns on the Salesforce1 group notification type in addition to standard email notifications.

If this control is not set properly the user wont get any notifications even if the push notification are properly set on the mobile device.

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