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Changing Time Zone for users and the Org

Knowledge Article Number 000198681
Description At times, different users observe that the same record is showing different time within the timestamp fields like created date, last modified date etc. This usually happens when the time zone setting for the users are different.
In order to get this resolved, below mentioned steps can be performed by system administrators or end users to change this setting:
Resolution To change the time zone for Org:
1. Go to Setup | Company Profile | Company information| Default Time Zone
2. Select the required time Zone.
Note: This will be set as the default time Zone for any new users added to your Org but the existing users will continue to have the time zone settings defined for them individually.
To change the time zone for the affected users (to be used by the users themselves):
1. Go to Your name | My Settings |Personal | Language & Time Zone
2. Set the Time zone.
To change the time zone for the affected users (to be used by System Admin):
1. Go to Setup |Manage Users |Users
2. Click on the affected user’s name
3. Click Edit and change the Time Zone to the required value.
If the time zone remains same for everyone, the values within date/time fields will remain constant for all users on the records.

Supported Time Zones

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