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Why can't I create a Sharing Set for my Community?

Knowledge Article Number 000204570
Description I have created a Community and now I want to create a Sharing Set.  I see the option is available, but when I click "New" I get an error. Why can't I create a Sharing Set?
Resolution Assuming you have the appropriate profile permissions (Customize Application) to create Sharing Sets, you must also have High-Volume Portal User Licenses for your org.

Some examples of this License are:
  • Authenticated Website
  • Customer Community User
  • Customer Community Login User
  • High Volume Customer Portal
  • High Volume Portal
  • Overage Authenticated Website User
  • Overage High Volume Customer Portal User

Examples of what are not considered High-Volume licenses are the following:
  • Customer Portal Manager / Customer Community Plus Login
  • Partner Community User

For more information on Sharing Sets, please refer to the following: Sharing Set Overview

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