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Sandbox copy or refresh is Pending or Processing

Knowledge Article Number 000204612
Description Note: On August 23, 2016, the Salesforce Technology team discovered that a subset of customers on instances located in the United States and Asia-Pacific regions may be experiencing delays in creating or refreshing a sandbox. For more information and updates, please see our "Delay in creation and refresh of sandboxes" known issue.

The Sandbox refresh and copy processes each have two processing stages:

  • "Pending" stage - Your Sandbox is immediately added to the queue and will be "Pending" until processing begins.
  • "Processing" stage - Sandbox is currently being copied or refreshed.


Timeframe to complete a Sandbox copy or refresh

The process can finish within a few hours but can take up to several days depending on your Sandbox's level of customization, data size, number of objects, your configuration choices, and server load.

Because there are so many variables, the estimated time until completion isn't quoted.

Learn more about the process in our "Creating, Refreshing, and Deleting Sandboxes" documentation.

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