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Salesforce1 Mobile browser app doesn't work on a desktop browser

Knowledge Article Number 000204818
Description When using a desktop browser and navigating to the /one/ to try and access the Salesforce1 Mobile Browser App, you will see the Lightning Experience or this message:
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While the ability to use a desktop browser for Salesforce1 Mobile Browser App isn't supported, there's a workaround you can try. 
1. Open the Chrome Browser.
2. Navigate to the Menu | click More Tools | then click Developer Tools.

Chrome menu icon

3. In the Developer Tools Console, click the device icon User-added image .
4. Select the device.
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Note: Remember to Refresh your browser after performing this step as notified by Chrome.

5. Launch the browser app by appending the url with one/ For example:

For more information on emulating hardware in Chrome please review this link:

Keep in mind - This is not officially supported on a Desktop Web Browser. This app is currently supported only on Safari browser on iOS and Chrome on Android devices. 

There is also a video available that you can watch which goes through changes to and how to use it in browser for salesforce1 testing;​

Because the iOS and Android apps have different native components throughout the S1 app, testing this way isn't guaranteed to show what will actually happen in the downloadable apps on REAL devices. The best most ideal mobile testing is always done on an actual device itself or using manufacturer's SDK emulators.

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