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Why does my user get an insufficient privileges error when accessing a dashboard?

Knowledge Article Number 000205376
Description When a Chatter, Platform, Customer Portal, Company Community or Partner Portal licensed attempts to access a dashboard, they may encounter an insufficient privileges error.

For a Non - Dynamic Dashboard, this error occurs because the running user for the dashboard being accessed does not share the same license type of the individual trying to access it.

For example, if a Chatter Plus (Chatter Only) user attempts to access a dashboard with a running user of a full license type, they will encounter this error.

For a Dynamic Dashboard, this error occurs because the original running user of the dashboard is most likely a full license type.
Resolution To resolve:

1) Click "Edit" on the dashboard. At the top right, next to the "View dashboard as" field, click on the drop-down arrow and choose "Run as specified user" and then click "OK".

2) Start typing the name of a user with a Salesforce Platform license in the "View dashboard as" field. When their name appears below, click on it and it will populate the field.

3) Switch the dashboard back to “Run as logged-in user”

4) Save the dashboard

Please note, that a full license type user will be able to access the dashboard regardless of the license type of the running user as permitted by the dashboard's folder sharing.

Manage Dashboards in Public Folders permission on the profile would also resolve the issue.  Please see Enhanced Folder Sharing in Reports and Dashboards for more information.

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