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Why does a debug log show "WF_RULE_NOT_EVALUATED"?

Knowledge Article Number 000205422
Description I am reviewing a debug log to determine why a specific workflow rule did not fire.  I located my workflow rule within the debug log details, but on the very next line it states "WF_RULE_NOT_EVALUATED".  Then it moves onto the next workflow rule.  What does this mean?
Resolution We may see this for workflow rules with the Evaluation Criteria set to "Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria".  This occurs when the record update is not a subsequent edit - in other words, the record already met the workflow rule criteria prior to this edit.

16:18:42.046 (46652181)|CODE_UNIT_STARTED|[EXTERNAL]|Workflow:Contact
16:18:42.061 (61281409)|WF_RULE_EVAL_BEGIN|Workflow
16:18:42.061 (61318327)|WF_CRITERIA_BEGIN|[Contact: bday contact 003d000001rOzxb]|Time-Based Workflow|01Qd0000000UCjF|ON_CREATE_OR_TRIGGERING_UPDATE
16:18:42.065 (65746224)|WF_RULE_NOT_EVALUATED
16:18:42.065 (65766231)|WF_SPOOL_ACTION_BEGIN|Workflow
16:18:42.065 (65772230)|WF_ACTION| None
16:18:42.065 (65774624)|WF_RULE_EVAL_END
16:18:42.065 (65779578)|WF_TIME_TRIGGERS_BEGIN
16:18:42.072 (72132636)|WF_ACTIONS_END| None
16:18:42.072 (72140680)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|Workflow:Contact

Please also note that for time-based workflow actions, we may still see "WF_TIME_TRIGGER" further down within our debug log even if the workflow criteria was not evaluated.  This may occur if a date or date/time field specified within a time trigger was changed, therefore changing the scheduled date/time of any pending actions within the time-based workflow queue.  

16:03:11.075 (75209958)|CODE_UNIT_STARTED|[EXTERNAL]|Workflow:Contact
16:03:11.083 (83387153)|WF_RULE_EVAL_BEGIN|Workflow
16:03:11.083 (83419653)|WF_CRITERIA_BEGIN|[Contact: bday contact 003d000001rOzxb]|Time-Based Workflow|01Qd0000000UCjF|ON_CREATE_OR_TRIGGERING_UPDATE
16:03:11.088 (88452450)|WF_RULE_NOT_EVALUATED
16:03:11.088 (88472164)|WF_SPOOL_ACTION_BEGIN|Workflow
16:03:11.088 (88478109)|WF_ACTION| None
16:03:11.088 (88480188)|WF_RULE_EVAL_END
16:03:11.088 (88485265)|WF_TIME_TRIGGERS_BEGIN
16:03:11.089 (89049891)|WF_TIME_TRIGGER|[Contact: bday contact 003d000001rOzxb]|15 after 00Nd0000006kmHt|Time-Based Workflow 01Qd0000000UCjF|21:00:00.000
16:03:11.102 (102337290)|WF_ACTIONS_END| None
16:03:11.102 (102346041)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|Workflow:Contact

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