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"Failed. There was a problem sending your message" in Social Customer Service

Knowledge Article Number 000211801
The message "Failed. There was a problem sending your message" is returned when you send a Twitter Direct Message (DM) using Social Customer Service.

Common reasons you'll receive this error message

You're trying to DM someone who does not follow you In order to send a direct message, you must follow the person you're trying to DM and they must also follow you. Find more information at Twitter Help Center: About Direct Messages.
Your Social Customer Service credentials (username and password) have timed out - To reauthorize your Radian6/Social Studio credentials in your Salesforce Organization:

1. Click Setup
2. Go to Build | Customize | Social Apps Integrations | Social Customer Management | Settings.
3. Under "Radian6 credentials," enter your Radian6/Social Studio username and password.

The Twitter account you're using to send the DM has an expired connection and needs to be reconnected - Review information on how to Reconnect a Social Account.

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