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Why am I getting the "Operation too large" error message when running a report?

Knowledge Article Number 000212083
Description When a user, without the "view all data" permission on the profile tries to run a report which returns more than 20.000 records, the user will receive an error message saying "Operation too large".
Resolution There is a limitation on the number of activity records that a standard user can see as per design.

The running user needs to refine the filter criteria (i.e. reduce the date range, add some more criteria...) or provide the "view all data" permission to the user.


The requested operation failed because the query attempted to return more records than the allowed limit. For example, for queries on Activities, you may not return more than 100,000 accounts. Reduce the scope of your query and retry the operation.


An option to create a permission set with "View All Data" permission, then add it to the affected user. Can be added as another solution as this approach will be applied to specific users. As to where applying changes to a profile will be for all users under that profile.

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