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Increase Close Rates with the Sales Path Using Salesforce1

Knowledge Article Number 000212203
Sales Path is a visual assistant that guides reps through each of the stages required to complete a sale to increase close rates.
Resolution Increase Close Rates with the Sales Path :

**NOTE: this is available in all versions of the mobile app 

When a sales rep views an opportunity in Salesforce1, Sales Path shows the opportunity’s stage, the key fields to complete, and additional stage-relevant information, such as links to Chatter posts and files, tips for the stage, and policy notes. When the stage is completed, the rep taps Mark Stage as Complete to continue. The opportunity updates to the next stage, displaying the key fields and information for the new stage.


Selected Mark Stage as Complete too soon? Sales reps can easily go back to an earlier stage by selecting the stage name and then tapping Mark as Current Stage, or by changing the stage in the opportunity record. Fast track sale? Reps can skip ahead to a later stage using the same process.


Reps can hide Sales Path by tapping 
Show Less and recall it by tapping Show More. In either case, the entire opportunity, including all of its fields, appears under All Details.


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