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Why do users get the "Failed: Not approved for access" error message?

Knowledge Article Number 000212208
Description After entering credentials and attempting to login to Salesforce, the API user is denied access to the application and is typically accompanied by a Login History Status of "Failed: Not approved for access".
This issue is caused when a Connected App is created but the API user is not authorized to access. Follow these steps to resolve this:
Navigate to the Connected App Detail (Setup | Manage Apps | Connected Apps) for the appropriate Connected App, and under the OAuth policies section, Permitted Users is (most likely) set to "Admin approved users are pre-authorized".

1.  To allow access to this app for a particular group of users:
-  Leverage "Manage Profiles" and the Profiles related list to authorize access to the appropriate Salesforce profiles (and associated users).
-  Alternatively, Leverage Permission Sets and the Permission Sets related list to authorize access at a more granular level.

2.  To allow access to this App for all users:

-  Under the OAuth policies section, set Permitted Users to "All users may self-authorize".

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