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SUCCESS INSIGHTS: How Salesforce Uses Salesforce

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Description How Salesforce Uses Salesforce
Our customers and prospects are intrigued by how Salesforce uses Salesforce. We've grown into a ~$5 Billion company that powers our business on Salesforce. The following information will give you a behind the scenes look at Salesforce’s use of its application through the sales lifecycle.

For a general overview, download this slide deck: "World Tour Melbourne: How Salesforce Uses Salesforce"

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What insights do you need to make the right decisions? Are you confident in the quality of your insights? Join us for a sneak peek at how the Salesforce Enterprise Strategy Group uses the Wave Analytics Platform plus data from to manage key metrics, and course-correct against plan.
Join us to learn how Salesforce is leveraging the Marketing Cloud to help with events marketing and new hire on boarding. We will share detailed use cases and metrics to help you understand how the Marketing Cloud can help you achieve the same results at your organization.
Join our support team to get a behind-the-scenes look at Salesforce's world-class global contact center, and learn the top Service Cloud best practices used by our agents.
This video is especially important if you are establishing or improving your lead management process.  Learn how Salesforce manages its internal Sales group (from bottom up and top down) and drives productivity with out-of-the-box and custom Salesforce functionalities. 
​How can our customers who run similar subscription-based businesses benefit from our best practices? How does the renewals team leverage chatter, dashboards, and forecasting, to collaborate across the business globally? And what are our best practices for managing the entire renewals cycle, end to end, within Join us to learn how the global renewals team run it's business in Salesforce.
​Webinar showing how uses Chatter to collaborate, reduce email, break down organizational barriers, increase productivity and shared knowledge.
Join us to learn how we use Salesforce CRM to manage our marketing processes; we'll cover everything from SEO/SEM campaigns, to tracking contact interactions for PR. Find out how we structure our campaigns, what we track in our dashboards, and how we hand off leads to sales. With all these proven examples, you're sure to walk away with a few new ideas on how you can leverage Salesforce to support your core marketing efforts.

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