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How does "Adjust All Dates in the Resulting Organization Relative to Organization Creation Date" on Trialforce template creation work

Knowledge Article Number 000213315
Description Some partners may notice when they create trial orgs from a template, some date fields values differ in the trial org from the TSO.

Eg: assume there is one date field "Effective Start Date" which has default value Today().

Dates in TSO:

Part #      Effective Start Date   
G4    3/20/2015        
ip5    3/13/2015        
ip6    2/2/2015       
Y300    3/6/2014    

Dates in trial org:
Part #      Effective Start Date   
G4    3/11/2017         
ip5    3/4/2017        
ip6    1/24/2017       
Y300    2/26/2016

This KB explains how the date field values are calculated and populated in the trial org. 
Resolution The date field value in trial org is calculated using this formula:

Date in trial org = trial org created date (3/13/2015) + date value in TSO org  - TSO created date (3/20/2013) - 1 

So here is one example:
TSO Date: 3/20/2015
Date in trial org = 3/13/2015 + (3/20/2015 - 3/20/2013) - 1 = 3/11/2017


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