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Activate button is greyed out even after adding the criteria in Process Builder

Knowledge Article Number 000213349
While creating a new process in the Process Builder, the 'Activate' button is disabled. Here are the steps to reproduce:
1. Go to Process Builder.
2. Create a new Process. 
3. Select the Object.
4. Enter the Criteria.

You'll find that the button is still disabled, which is expected behaviour. Learn how to resolve the issue below. 
Add an action to the Process

You can resolve the issue by adding an action to your process. Here's how to add an action:

1. Click Create | Workflow & Approvals | Process Builder and then click New.
2. Fill-out the fields to define your process. 
3. Click Save
4. Add Criteria
5. Now click Add Action
6. Select the type of action to create, and then fill out the fields to define the action.

You'll now see the 'Activate' button enabled.

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