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Enable Profile-Based Chatter Rollout

Knowledge Article Number 000213423

Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions

Profile-Based Chatter Rollout allows an organization to control Chatter rollout at the Profile or Permission Set level. Salesforce Support can help turn on this feature, however we encourage you to review the following documentation prior to requesting activation:



Request activation of Profile-Based Chatter Rollout


If you've reviewed the above documentation above and would like to move forward with enabling this feature, please take the following steps: 

1. Have your System Administrator create a case with Salesforce Customer Support.
2. Please include your organization's details (name and ID) and a business reason for your request.
3. Confirm that you understand and consent to the following items:

  • When profile-based rollout of Chatter is enabled for an organization, Chatter is automatically enabled for standard profiles.
  • For all customer profiles and permission sets: Chatter is automatically enabled if any of the following user-level permissions were already enabled (either manually or as part of a licence)
    • “Create and Own New Chatter Groups” (ChatterOwnGroups)
    • “Create and Share Links to Chatter Files” (ChatterFileLink)
    • “Invite Customers To Chatter” (ChatterInviteExternalUsers)
    • “Manage Chatter Messages” (ManageChatterMessages)
    • “Moderate Chatter” (ModerateChatter)
    • “Moderate Chatter Feeds” (ModerateNetworkFeeds)
    • “Use Case Feed
    • “View All Data” (ViewAllData)

After we receive your case, we will review and respond to your request. 

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