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How to Edit, Insert and Delete Macro Instructions

Knowledge Article Number 000213701
Description Please follow the instructions given below if you want to Edit, Insert and Delete Macro Instructions.
User Permissions Needed
To view macros:“Read” on Macros
To create and edit macros:“Create” and “Edit” on Macros

1. Open the Macro Widget.
  • From the Service Console, click Macros in the lower right corner of the screen or press M
  • From the Salesforce Console or the All Tabs page, click the Macros Tab.
2.  Select the Macro record that you would like to modify or delete and click on EDIT.

3.  Under Macro Instructions, you will see the step-by-step instructions that you have setup.  To modify or delete an instructions, hover your mouse to the step that you would like to modify or delete.
A small window will pop-up with the following actions:
  • Move Instruction Up
  • Move Instruction Down
  • Insert Instructions Above 
  • Insert Instructions Below
  • Delete
4.  Select the required action and Save

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