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Workflow on task not firing based on email sent from an object

Knowledge Article Number 000213837
Workflow rule not triggered after clicking on send e-mail button from the object, in spite of the completion of the newly created task.
This is an expected behaviour. Please find the explanation below
  • When Salesforce sends an email from a record, it accesses the email author page (Javascript page)
  • When send is clicked, email is sent from the object. An internal workflow then adds the email to the activity history as a completed task.
  • This action of adding the completed task does not trigger additional workflow (i.e. your task workflow) because it was generated from an internal workflow.
Similar behaviour is seen for Process builder on Task that has email as a scheduled action.

This behaviour concerns the standard email scenario, where in email is stored in a task. When Enhanced Email is enabled, both a Task and an Email Message are created, it is possible to trigger a Workflow or Process Builder of that record.
Considerations for Setting Up Enhanced Email

Mass mail, does not use Enhanced Email, only a task, and as such, you cannot trigger a workflow / Process on those records.

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