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Exclude Subscribers from a Triggered or User-Initiated Send

Knowledge Article Number 000213980
You can change a Data Extension into a Suppression List without exporting and importing your Subscribers using the Exclusion script feature with Triggered Send or User-Initiated Send Definitions. The Exclusion script uses AMPscript and the personalization strings on the Data Extension to match email addresses in the Data Extension with email addresses defined in the Triggered Send. If a match is found, the row count value returned is 1. Because the value is greater than zero, the condition has been met and the subscriber is not sent to.

Use an Exclusion script with a Triggered Send Definition

1. Log in to Marketing Cloud.
2. In "Email," click Interactions | Triggered Emails.
3. Click Create.  
4. Go to Exclusion Management | Exclusion Script.
5. Add the following AMPscript and personalization string (chart below):
ROWCOUNT(LOOKUPROWS("Suppression", "Email Address", emailaddr))> 0

6. Configure the rest of the Triggered Send Definition, then start it.


Use an exclusion script with a User-Initiated Send Definition

1. Log in to Marketing Cloud.
2. In "Email," go to Interactions | User-Initiated Emails.
3. Click Create.  
4. Enter the name and select an email
5. Under "Recipients," click Edit Recipients.
6. Select your recipient list.
7. Under "Audience Exclusion Script," click the plus sign (+) to expand the section.
8. Select the check box labeled Exclude subscribers based on.
8. Add the following AMPscript and personalization string:
ROWCOUNT(LOOKUPROWS("Suppression", "Email Address", emailaddr))> 0

9. Click Save.
10. Configure the rest of the User-Initiated Send Definition.


AMPscript and personalization string key


 Name of the Data Extension to exclude from.
 Email  Address
 Name of the Email field in your Data Extension.
The email address value you're passing in the API call. emailaddr is a system defined personalization string so you'll use emailaddr if you want to match on email address or _subscriberkey if you want to match on Subscriber Key.

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