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Clear out User Mappings in MC Connect

Knowledge Article Number 000214335
There are multiple scenarios where it's necessary to remove the mapping between a Marketing Cloud User and a Salesforce User related to MC Connect. Here are the common scenarios: 

Note: This applies to V5 only. 

  • The User accidentally entered the wrong username/password when they first mapped. This is common when first setting it up since they have their API/Tracking User, along with their standard user for the UI. It's possible the User put in the API tracking user credentials when they should have been entering their User credentials. 
  • The client changes permissions for a User on the Marketing Cloud side. For example, if they fully integrated a User with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector integration, then realized that the ExactTarget User record didn't have permission to send email, then they wouldn’t be able to send emails through the integration. Even if the permissions were changed on the ET side, they're still essentially cached in that oAuth token, and it'll still have the old context which thinks sending is prohibited until that oAuth token is cleared out. 
  • oAuth token is stored in SF, but User is still prompted for Username and Password when selecting the Marketing Cloud Tab in SF. Also, whenever the User enters the correct values, it produces a "login denied" error message. Clearing out the oAuth token from the SF side will clear up this issue.

Remove OAuth token from the Salesforce User

After doing so, you'll be prompted to reintegrate this User when the User next accesses Marketing Cloud tabs in Salesforce. Here's how: 

1. Sign into Salesforce (may require user with elevated permissions).
2. Click Setup.
3. Under Administer | Manage Users, click Users.
4. Locate the User to reset.
5. Under "Additional Information" locate the Marketing Cloud OAuth Token field.* 
6. Highlight and delete its value.
7. Click Save
8. Log in to Salesforce as the User who was reset and access the Marketing Cloud tab.

*The Marketing Cloud OAuth Token field may not be visible. If so, follow these steps: 

1. Go to Setup Build Customize Users in Salesforce. 
2. Click Page Layouts.
3. Edit the User Layout
4. Drag the "Marketing Cloud OAuth Token" field down to the Additional Information Section.
5. Click Save.

Caution Sign Important: As of the release of Version 5.493 of MC Connect, the oAuth token, while utilized the same way with the user mappings on the backend,  is contained within a protected field.  In order to clear the oAuth token on versions 5.493 or later, the Salesforce user will need to navigate to:

while specifying the MC User Credentials.  This will reset the token in the protected custom setting.

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