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Re-Open a closed case when an email is received

Knowledge Article Number 000220076

Sometimes a case is closed, and then the customer replies with new information or a new issue. The email gets attached to the original case, however, since the case is closed, there's no notification that the customer is waiting on a response. We'll show you how you can use a simple workflow rule/field update to reopen such cases.

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Under "App Setup" or "Build" click Create | Workflow & Approvals | then Workflow Rules. 
  3. Click New Rule
  4. Select Email Message as the Object the workflow rule applies to.
  5. Click Next
  6. Enter a name for the workflow rule and select when it should be evaluated. 
  7. Enter the following criteria to enable the workflow rule to fire when an email is inbound and the case is closed: 
  • Email Message: Is Incoming' equals 'True.
  • Case: Closed equals True.
  • Please note that you can add more to the rule, but these are the only steps truly required
        5. Click Save & Next.
        6. Click Add Workflow Action. 
 7. Enter a name for the Field Update and then set the Status case field to update
        8. Select the value you would like the re-opened case to be set to, and then Save (please note, you might want to add a new Case Status value for "Case Reopened", to signify when one is reopened via email - you'll need to have that value created before you can select it.) 
                     9. Activate the rule, and you should be able to make it working. 

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