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Web Services API returns "Invalid Source Address"

Knowledge Article Number 000220477
Learn what is means to receive an "invalid source address" fault string when using the Web Services API and how to resolve it. 
The error message indicates that your Marketing Cloud Account has the "Restrict Logins by IP Address (IP Whitelisting)" security setting set to "Log Violations & Deny Access." The API call is originating from an IP address that hasn't been whitelisted for the Account. 

Create a new trusted IP range

To resolve this issue, you'll just need to check the IP addresses to be whitelisted and then create a new trusted IP range. Here's how: 

1. First, check out the IP addresses to be whitelisted by navigating to the following screen within the Marketing Cloud: 

Admin | Account Settings | Login IP Whitelist 
2. Note the IP address(es) listed in the workspace.
3. Next, view the IP address that's being denied by clicking the "View Access Log" button above the workspace.
4. Create a new trusted IP range for the IP address being denied. As part of the process, you'll need to set the "Login Source" to "Any" or "API Calls." 

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