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BEST PRACTICES: How to request an Accelerator

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How to view Accelerator information and request an Accelerator delivery


To request an Accelerator, you need to be an Accelerator Designated Contact and your company needs to have Premier Points.

1)  Access My Success Hub:

Access My Success Hub
 Click image above for larger view​

2) Select ‘Services’ to begin navigating to Accelerator information:
  Select "Services"

 Click image above for larger view​

3) The "Find Services" tab allows you to browse for Services and the Accelerator catalog: 

The "Find Services" Tab
   Click image above for larger view​

4) While browsing the Accelerator catalog, you can learn more and also REDEEM points:

Browse Catalogue and REDEEM

 Click image above for larger view​

5) After selecting ‘REDEEM’, complete the Premier Accelerator Request form and click 'Submit' button  

Complete Form and Click Submit
Click image above for larger view​


Additional Questions:

How do I purchase an Accelerator Delivery?

A: You must be a Premier Customer and an Accelerator Designated Contact with available Premier Points.

What about Marketing Cloud Accelerators?

A: To request a Marketing Cloud Accelerator, please contact your Account Executive or Success Manager and they will create a request on your behalf.

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