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Wave, the Analytics Cloud Summer ‘15 Plus Release

Knowledge Article Number 000221066

What is the change?

On July 13, 2015, we will begin the staggered rollout of the Summer '15 Plus release to Wave, the Analytics Cloud. Salesforce plans to implement the Summer '15 Plus release according to the following phased schedule:

  • July 13 - Analytics Cloud shared resource

  • July 14 - All customer sandbox instances

  • July 15 - All Production instances

  • July 16 - AP instances


How will this impact my organization?

During the update, the Analytics Cloud will remain available, and there should be no impact to your Salesforce service.


Summer '15 Plus includes a host of new features including the following highlights:

  • Quick actions in lenses and dashboards

  • More visually appealing interface

  • Sales Wave app (pilot)

  • Wave REST API updates

  • Embedded dashboards in Visualforce pages

  • Post images to Chatter

  • Case-insensitive search

  • Week and year-week date functions


For a full list of the changes included in this release, please reference the release notes.


What action must I take?

This update introduces more robust syntax when executing SAQL code and new Analytics Cloud limits.


The new SAQL syntax changes may break existing SAQL code. If you are using SAQL within your Analytics Cloud implementation you will need to update existing code to use the new syntax and rules. For a full listing of SAQL syntax changes, along with examples of each, please refer to the SAQL Enhancements (Pilot): Use More Robust Syntax” section of the release notes.


The new Analytics Cloud limits may impact your existing Analytics Cloud implementation. The new limits are as follows:



Old Limit

New Limit

Maximum number of dataflows jobs in a rolling 24-hour period



Maximum number of external data uploads in a rolling 24-hour period



Maximum amount of external data that you can upload in a rolling 24-hour period


50 GB

Maximum length for dataset field names based on CSV columns

255 characters

40 characters


Be aware of the new limits and adjust your Analytics Cloud implementation accordingly.


To understand the potential impact for any of the features in this release, please reference the release notes.


How can I get more information?

For more information around all of the new features and enhancements included within this release, please see the release notes. If you have any questions, please reach out to Customer Support by opening a case via the Help & Training portal.

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