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SUCCESS INSIGHTS: Knowledge Article Types

Knowledge Article Number 000221693
Description Article Types are like Record Types for Knowledge. They are custom templates that can provide a different look-and-feel for the published article as well different types of information, visibility and edit rights.
Default article types include FAQs, Offers, and How-To's. Depending on your needs, you may want to create anywhere from two or three to a dozen or more article types.

Salesforce provides two standard article-type templates, Tab and Table of Contents, and you can use Visualforce to create custom templates. On each article type template, you can also have different fields and a unique layout. These fields and layouts are used to prompt authors to enter specific information depending on the type of article.
For example, on a simple "FAQ" article type you might create text fields named Question and Answer. Whereas, on a "Product Information" article type, you might include a multi-select picklist named Available Colors or a checkbox named Warranty Available. Review the types of custom fields available and decide which fields and labels (names) you want to create for each article type.

To learn more about how to to set up Knowledge, download the Salesforce Knowledge Implementation Guide.

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