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Let Community Users Vote on Knowledge Articles

Knowledge Article Number 000228293
Description Figure out which Knowledge articles are helping your users—and which ones aren’t—by giving Koa, Kokua, and Napili community users the option to assign articles a thumbs up or thumbs down vote.

The Napili Single Article View component and the Koa and Kokua Article View component now includes an article voting option. To enable article voting in your community

1. Navigate to the Article Detail (Koa), Article View (Kokua), or Article (Napili) page in Community Builder.
2. Select the Article View (Koa and Kokua) or Single Article View (Napili) component in Community Builder.
3. In the Property Editor, select Enable Article Voting. You can also enter custom voting prompt and confirmation text if you’d like.

When you enable article voting, authenticated community users see a prompt to vote below each article:was_this_article_helpful.png

If your organization uses star rating on articles, thumbs up votes are recorded as five stars and thumbs down votes are recorded as one star.
When a user votes on an article, a confirmation message appears next to their vote. Thumbs up votes appear in green, while thumbs down votes are red.


The user can return to the article later to view their vote, but can’t change it or see voting data from other community members. You can view an article’s voting data at the top of the article in your organization.

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