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Setting up a Debug Log

Knowledge Article Number 000230387
Description Setting up a debug log has changed with the Winter '16 Release.  Instead of adding a new Monitored User, we now add a new User Trace Flag:

Prior to Winter '16
User-added image

After Summer '16
User-added image
  1. Go to Setup > Logs > Debug Logs
  2. Next to "User Trace Flags", click on New.
  3. User-added image
  4. For the Traced Entity, choose "User" and select the user from the lookup dialog.
  5. The Start Date and Expiration Date should be pre-populated, but you are welcome to adjust these times if you would like a different time frame.
  6. The Debug Level determines the filters.  Select the lookup dialog to choose the Debug Level.
    1. If you do not have an existing entry, click on New.
    2. Enter a Name, select the desired filters, and click Save.
    3. User-added image
  7. Save your Trace Flag.

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