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Data Loader inserts/upserts causing Process Builder errors

Knowledge Article Number 000230650
Description While Process Builder is being improved to better handle bulk processing, it can still generate errors when a large Data Loader Insert or Upsert triggers a Process.  The Error within the Data Loader error file will look similar to:

The record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow. A flow trigger failed to execute the flow with version ID 301j00000002J5z.  Contact your administrator for help.

The Administrator will get a flow error email that starts like the below:

An error occurred at element myRule_1_A1 (FlowRecordUpdate).

BACK) Record rolled back because not all records were valid and the request was using AllOrNone header --- for SFDC record with ID : 001j0000002Yz1TAAS

Resolution Within Data Loader, navigate to Settings>Settings and lower the Batch size to "1". 

This will perform the update in smaller chunks, and allow Process Builder the timings required to complete the actions.  This will cause only a minimal impact on update times for the Data Loader process.

Note: Some environments may support slightly larger Batch sizes like "20" without errors but, if the error persist with "20" the batch should be set to "1".

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