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"URL No Longer Exists" error during MC Connect configuration

Knowledge Article Number 000231521

The 07 Release (MC Connect Version 5.493) introduced the new First-Time Configuration Wizard, designed to streamline the connection process between your Sales, Service, and Marketing Clouds.  As part of the configuration, you'll come across the step to "Click the Marketing Cloud tab" to launch the First-Time Configuration & Connection Wizard.  If this is your first time installing the Marketing Cloud Connector, you may see this error. 

This page will have the error "URL No Longer Exists" and relates to use of Lightning Components in this wizard  (See attached image for an example of the error message). The Configuration Wizard is built in Lightning, and the Winter '16 core release includes a security change that requires all Organizations to update from the traditional Salesforce domain (na1, na7, na34, etc.) to a custom Salesforce domain in order to use Lightning Components. 


To resolve this, there are two options.

1.  You'll need to create and deploy a custom domain to your Organization.  The process is fairly simple and is required to use this Configuration Wizard of Version 5.493.

2.  Upgrade to MC Connect Version 5.494 where this Salesforce requirement was removed within the Marketing Cloud visualforce pages of the managed package.

If a custom domain is not a current requirement for your Salesforce Org, option 2 above will be the best method as it requires no changes to be made within your Salesforce org.  

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