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Exporting Chatter Feed data

Knowledge Article Number 000232269
Description The Chatter Feed can be exported using the Data Loader, and selecting the "FeedItem" object, which stores the data for all Chatter Feed activity in an Organization.
Resolution The Chatter Feed can be exported using the Data Loader.

When prompted to select an object in the Data Loader, be sure to check the "Show all Salesforce objects" check-box, or the necessary object will not be visible.

The object that stores all Chatter activity is the "FeedItem" object.

Data Loader FeedItem

You can further refine your search, to confine your results to a specific date, date range, user or group.

Data Loader FeedItem export refined query

Chatter FeedItems with the type of "ContentPost" may cause Data Loader to give out the error: Java Heap Space. The reason for this is that Data Loader does not export file attachments. To leave these FeedItem types out, to successfully export using the Data Loader, append "Type != 'ContentPost'" to the end of the query.

If you want an export that includes the "ContentPost" types, you can use the Data Export Service.  The name for the object differs between the Data Loader and the Data Export Service, and you will want to choose the "FeedPost" object, which was replaced by "FeedItem" in the API.

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