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Accelerator - Org Health Assessment

Knowledge Article Number 000232357
Salesforce Cloud Services

Org Health Assessment


What problem are we solving for you?
How healthy is your Salesforce org?

Typical challenges for our customers:
  • The instance is now running slower than before
  • It now takes a very long time to add new features and the business is no longer seeing the agility that Salesforce is known for
  • We are planning a significant new set of enhancements
  • We are planning to on-board a new Business Division next quarter and are concerned that might not scale
Typical Benefits:
  • A healthier Salesforce Org, which will:
    • Improve with IT/business alignment
    • Improve process effectiveness and efficiency
    • IT cost reduction
    • % Increase in use of Salesforce
    • % time improvement in release cycles since improvement in time to deliver business requirements
    • Improved adoption by x%
    • Improvement in time to deliver business requirements
Accelerator Guiding Principles

Salesforce Commitment:
  • Effort is limited to a single Salesforce Org
  • Workshop discussions will be at a high-level, sufficient to understand your challenges
  • Salesforce will make general recommendations on next steps
  • We will provide pointers to additional self-help materials and other assistance
Your Commitment:
Accelerator Prerequisites:
  • The customer is about to embark on a significant new Salesforce project and wants to understand the health of their Org
  • The customer Org is mature and has had multiple development teams working on it over the years and they want to understand how much technical debt they have, if any
  • This accelerator is just a high-level assessment and a number of recommendations to address the issues found.  This is not a detailed analysis
  • Committed to develop a plan to implement the recommendations
People/Resources Needed:
  • The engagement of the Executive Sponsor, that is CIO, Head of Sales, Head of Service, etc.
  • Attendees for Workshop are fully participating from Business and IT functions
Engagement Process and Timing
      Key Milestones & Approximate Duration
1) Accelerator Overview30 minutesStart
2) Discovery Session
  • Carry out the analysis of the Org being investigated using:
    • Early Warning System
    • Reviewing your metadata using internal tools
8 hoursStart + 5 days
3) Conduct Customer readout workshop to outline:
  • Findings from the discovery call
  • Discuss recommendations
1.5 hoursStart + 10 days

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