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Best Practices: Marketing Cloud - migrating from Engagement Console to Social Studio Engage

Knowledge Article Number 000232447
Description Introduction

For Radian6 Engagement Console users, Social Studio brings together the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard and Engagement Console into a single web product. Benefits include:
  • Web based Engage does not require you to download and install an application or application updates
  • Social Studio's enhanced multi-lingual and customizable sentiment
  • Additional network coverage including Instagram and LinkedIn integrations
  • Social Studio iOS and Android mobile apps for engagement on the go
  • Use your existing Radian6 credentials and Topic Profiles
  • Moderate content on your registered social accounts, and conversations discovered through social listening

Getting Started

To help you plan your overall move to Social Studio, also refer to this knowledge article

Note: if you are using the legacy Radian6 for Salesforce AppExchange package, you will need to remove this integration, and refer to the Social Customer Service integration documentation.

Before you begin using Social Studio Engage, ensure your Super User has:
  1. Logged in to Social Studio
  2. Registered your social accounts
  3. Created your first Workspace and added users, topic profiles, social accounts
  4. Optionally, within Workspace Settings, setup Tab Templates for Engage users
  5. From the Organization Wide Admin settings, created engagement macro(s), similar to Engagement Console Macros

Once complete, users can login to Social Studio: 
  1. In Engage, setup tabs and columns for social accounts and topic profiles
  2. Download, install and log in to the Social Studio Mobile (iOS apps for iPhone and iPad, as well as app for Android)

Workflow mapping

Social Studio Engage retains the following Engagement Console workflow fields as Post Attributes, visible on the Post Inspector Info tab: 
Engagement Console WorkflowSocial Studio Engage Post Info
Engagement LevelStatus
SentimentSentiment (enhanced)
Post TagsPost Labels (Engage Labels)
Source Tag**--
--Author Label**
**Note: Social Studio Engage does not include visibility to the Radian6 Engagement Console Source Tag field.  A new Author Labels field has been created in Social Studio.  To assist with the transition, please contact Marketing Cloud Support to request a one-time migration of your Radian6 Source Tags to the new Social Studio Author Labels. 

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