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Marketing Cloud Connect Data Stream usage of Salesforce API

Knowledge Article Number 000233192
Marketing Cloud (MC) Connect functionality includes Data Stream, which can be utilized to replicate all specified Sales Cloud object data within the Marketing Cloud. This replication of data is done automatically at a set interval determined by any integrated User in the Marketing Cloud, and utilizes different Salesforce APIs to accomplish this.

Continue reading to learn which Salesforce APIs are used for Data Stream at the various steps of the synchronization process, and how to avoid reaching the API Limits in place by your Salesforce Organization Instance.

Data Stream API Usage Details

Data Stream utilizes two Salesforce APIs in order to setup and continue further syncing.  
  • The SOAP API is used up front to retrieve the schema of your Salesforce Organization and show you which objects are available for Synchronization.  The initial sync utilizes this API as well to create the corresponding Synchronized Data Extension and populates all specified data up front within the Marketing Cloud.  
  • The Replication API is utilized after this initial sync is complete, to push any updates to the corresponding field data within the newly generated Synchronized Data Extensions.  

Reaching API Limits with Data Stream

Using MC Connect's Data Stream functionality will count towards your Salesforce Organization's API limits.  If this is of any concern, it's recommended to upgrade your MC Connect managed package to the newest version, and upgrade to ConnectedApp Authentication. ConnectedApp Authentication will lift the limits of the SOAP API and Replication API used by MC Connect and Data Stream.

Caution Sign Important: ConnectedApp Authentication does not lift limits of the BulkAPI, which is utilized by MC Connect for any Tracking Data.

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