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How to Create/Edit Key fields in Lightning Experience?

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Description Key fields display in Lightning Experience as part of the Sales Path feature.

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To display Key Fields in Lightning Experience, we have to Enable the Sales Path.
Lead and Opportunity object can have Key fields. You can include both Standard and Custom fields.
Resolution Below are the steps to Enable Sales Path using the Salesforce Classic interface:
Click on Setup | Customize | Sales Path | Sales Path Settings | Click Enable .

Below are the steps how to add new sales path:
Click New Sales Path: 
         a) Type Label / Name.
         b) Select Lead or Opportunity object.
         c) Select Record type
         d) Click on Next
         e) Click Add/Update Fields 
         f)  Drag and Drop the fields you want to include in the Selected Fields
         g) Click on Save.


Below are the steps to Enable Sales Path using the Lightning Experience interface:

1) Click on Setup Home
2)  App
3) Sales
4) Sales Path Setting:
        a) Click  New Sales Path or Edit next to Sales Path Name to customize
        b) Click on Next
        c) Click Add/Update Fields 
        d) Drag and drop the fields you want to include or exclude in the Selected field
e) Click on Save.

Note: Key Fields only reflects those fields which are available in the Record Type selected.

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