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Files Connect: Setup with Google Drive

Knowledge Article Number 000239696
Description This KB article contains simplified steps to setup Files Connect feature with Google Drive.
Resolution Files Connect - Google Drive Setup:

1. Create a Project in Google Developers Console

2. Click Create Project

3. Enter a project name, and click Create.

4. On the Overview page, click on  Drive API (under Google App APIs)

5. Click Enable

6. Click Credentials on the left-hand menu

7. Click on OAuth consent screen tab on top, enter a valid email address, and product name

8. Click in the Credentials tab, click on Create credentials and select OAuth client ID

9. Select Web application and click Create

10. Save the client ID and client secrt on the next popup window (we will need these values when creating an authentication provider in Salesforce)

11. Login to Salesforce and ensure Files Connect is enabled and the user has "Files Connect Cloud" Profile or Permission set assigned per Help and Training documentation

12. In Setup, enter Auth. Providers in the Quick Find box, then select Auth. Providers.

13. Click New

14. For Provider Type, select Open ID Connect, and then set the following options and then set the following options:

Name—Enter the name you want to appear in Salesforce.
URL Suffix—Enter the suffix at the end of the URL path. For example, in the path,, the suffix is “MyGoogleProvider”
Consumer Key—Enter the client ID you copied when creating the Google project.
Consumer Secret—Enter the client secret you copied when creating the Google project.
Authorize Endpoint URL—Enter
Token Endpoint URL— Enter
Default Scopes—Enter openid email profile

15. Click Save. Then, at the bottom of the Auth. Provider detail page, copy the Callback URL entry to a text file. (You’ll use this when editing the Google project.)

16. Log back in Google API Manager, click Credentials on the left-hand menu

17. Click on the previously created Web application

18. In the Authorized Redirect URIs section, add the Callback URL you copied when creating the authentication provider in Salesforce.

19. Click Save

20. Log back in Salesforce, to define External Data Source for Google Drive

21. From Setup, enter External Data Sources in the Quick Find box, then select External Data Sources

22. Click New External Data Source. Then set the following options:

Label: A user-friendly name for the data source displayed in the Salesforce user interface.
Name: A unique identifier used to refer to this external data source definition through the API.
Type: Files Connect: Google Drive
Identity Type: Per User or Named Principal
Auth. Protocol: OAuth 2.0
Auth. Provider: The one we created above for Google Drive
Scope: Leave blank
Start Authentication Flow on Save    Select to immediately test the settings abovw

23. Click Save

24. You will be re-directed to Google account to allow access, click Allow

25. Validate and Sync Google Drive external object

26. Salesforce Permission set: Create a new perm. set, save it with Salesforce license

27. Go to System Perm. and Edit

28. Enable Files Connect Cloud perm. and save

29. Click Manage Assignment to assign permset. to a user

30. Click on External Data Source (XDS) Access, click Edit

31. Add available "Google Drive" XDS to enabled list (not required for Named Principal identity type)

32. Save

33. Go to Files tab, click on "Google Drive" XDS

34. Click "Click here to link your external account to Salesforce.", click Allow to give perm.

35. Click on "Google Drive" XDS and you should have access to the files stored in your Google Drive!


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